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Support your neighborhood by joining the association. The association is 100% volunteer-based and focused strictly on parks maintenance and beautification (we are not an HOA). More information is in our FAQ (below). Our next meeting (open to members and new residents) will be held 7PM at Lower Lake (655 Panorama Dr in case of rain) on Wednesday, Nov 18, 2020.

Preliminary minutes from 2019-2020 semi-annual meeting (unapproved)

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Upcoming Annual Meeting Agenda (send agenda items to dcrpoa@gmail.com)


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* Gate code will be delivered within minutes of PayPal payment to the email address provided by PayPal (please check your spam folder if you do not see it). Although membership fees are very low for the benefits the association provides, we also offer 1-year membership for 8 or more hours of supervised volunteer work. Contact us to learn more about the volunteer option.

Membership Benefits

Members enjoy access to 20+ acres of parkland and lakes as well as gated access to playground with parking, volleyball area, and beach. Take a relaxing stroll along the hiking trails, cast your line to see what you catch, paddle out into the water, or bring your children to the playground; there's something for all ages:


Find answers to frequently asked questions related to the association and the neighborhood here

Answer: Except for our semi-annual meetings, regular monthly meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at 7PM at the Route 12 Filling Station on RR12. We hold semi-annual meetings on the second Saturday of January and June at 10AM at 655 Panorama Dr (the old Community Center / new Firefighters' Union Hall). These meetings are open to members and prospective members. Voting rights are limited to members with an active status who have paid for one or more years.
Answer: Agendas are prepared in advance for each meeting. If your topic is time sensitive, please contact us a minimum of 3 days in advance of the next meeting to request that your item be considered. Depending upon the item being considered, the board may postpone introducing the item until the next semi-annual meeting. If you simply would like to make an announcement, we have an open discussion period at the end of each meeting that would be suitable.
Answer: Although the association is volunteer-based, there are costs to keep it in operation. These primarily include taxes and insurance. Additionally, the association pays for the three entrance lights to the subdivision (2 on RR12 and 1 on Hamilton Pool Rd). We pay for trash collection, porta potty service, grass cutting, and water testing (during summer) at the playground. With the sale of the community center, our recurring expenses have been reduced, and starting in 2020 annual operating costs will average approximately $10,000. We currently average 125-150 members, which means that our budget for improvements in 2020 is approximately $5,000. The association is also responsible for maintaining the playground entrance, the road across the dam, the fishing entrance, and 20+ acres of park land. Any unexpected maintenance issues can quickly eliminate funds available for improvements, but we make the most what's available. Deer Creek Ranch includes nearly 750 lots and greater participation is the quickest route to making more improvements feasible.
Answer: The value of your property is impacted by the aesthetics of the park and playground; both are prominently featured in every Deer Creek Ranch listing. If you drive across the lower lake dam, you benefit from the association (this is not maintained by the county). These are the two most tangible benefits you receive from the association, whether you are a member or not. Please support your community and join the association.
Answer: Yes, the association sold its community center in 2019 to fund needed improvements. The sale and improvements were unanimously approved by participating membership. The dam road and playground entrance cost nearly $80,000. Fence and gates cost approximately $15,000. The association is using a portion of the remaining funds to complete an erosion control project at the upper lake. If you would like to see more tangible improvements like these, please join the association and/or make a donation.
Answer: Any swimming at lower lake is at your own risk and no lifeguards are on duty. The lower lake is a natural body of water, not a swimming pool. As a natural body of water, bacterial levels fluctuate. We follow the EPA's water quality guidelines, which define an upper limit for what is considered "safe" for swimming and only test during the summer when water temperatures are closer to human body temperature. We use E. Coli levels as an indicator for gauging the concentration of bacteria considered harmful to humans and generally take tests to the lab a couple weeks after a major rainfall during the summer. You should never swim in the lower lake within two weeks of a heavy rain and we recommend avoiding the water when Hamilton Pool is closed for swimming. Additionally, the EPA recommends that you immediately shower with soap and water after exiting any natural body of water. If you are immuno-compromised in any way, you should not swim at the lower lake or any other natural body of water that potentially harbors bacteria. Testing for every possible contaminant is cost prohibitive and impractical (this isn't drinking water) and we cannot rule out the presence of non-E. coli bacteria, pathogenic amoeba, toxic algae or other chemical toxins that may make you or your pets sick. Historically, E. coli levels have been well below established acceptable limits, but if we are ever notified by the testing facility of excessive bacterial levels, we will promptly post to social media and via e-mail. Please research the risks associated with swimming in natural bodies of water and use your best judgment.
Answer: Aside from the stretch of road across the lower lake dam, the association does not maintain any of the roads in the subdivision. Roads located within Hays County are maintained by Hays County and is who you should contact if there is a problem. Some of the roads located within Travis County are maintained by the county, but many are not. There is a specific procedure to go through in order to get the county to adopt and maintain a substandard road (unfortunately, simply being a tax paying landowner is insufficient). This procedure is not trivial (but also not insurmountable) and any builder or real estate agent who suggests otherwise is likely misinformed or misrepresenting the situation. If you would like a road paved, you should be prepared to do some legwork, raise some money, and collaborate with your neighbors.
Answer: If you represent a real estate agency or title company, please note that we are located in Dripping Springs, TX. We are not an HOA and are unable to provide these documents. If you are a resident or prospective buyer, you should be able to obtain deed restriction documents from a competent real estate agent or title company. We are similarly unable to provide a survey.
Answer: Ideally, you would attend one of our regular meetings. Electronic communication is prone to misinterpretation. However, we understand that attending a meeting may not be practical, so e-mail to dcrpoa@gmail.com is the next best option. You may also find the answer to your question on our website or in our auto-response message to your email. Please understand that all work is done by volunteers as time allows and it sometimes takes a day or two before we see your message. Facebook or NextDoor are generally NOT good options and create unnecessary work for volunteers. Because we are an association, responses in a public forum like Facebook or Next Door may be impersonal. Public forums also invite poorly informed conjecture that is likely to be misleading to other members and the public in general. ** If your concern relates to trespassers, aggressive dogs off-leash, or illegal dumping, you should contact the Sheriff.
Answer: Ultimately, we have limited resources. We continue to work to improve our communication, but modern communication is extremely fragmented and expectations vary considerably from member to member. The association generally postpones any major decisions until its next semi-annual meeting to ensure the greatest participation. We communicated the listing and sale of the community center and how the proceeds will be allocated through email, water bill inserts, signs, and social media, but doing this for every single agenda item isn't practical. Monthly agenda items are generally not decided far enough in advance to distribute prior to the meeting. If you have a question or concern, please share it with us. If you have an idea to help the association, please let us know when you can volunteer to help put it into action (our existing volunteers are already overbooked).
Answer: We are a non-profit association (registered with both the Texas Secretary of State and federal government), but not a 501(3)(c). Registering for and maintaining a 501(3)(c) would introduce a level of unnecessary complexity and expense that would be inappropriate.
Answer: The association has a long history that is not very well understood by most. Additionally, the scope of the association has narrowed considerably from what it has been in the past. It is likely that XYZ is no longer true (if it ever was). Additionally, the association is more than a single board member; it is its membership. Refusing to join the assocation ultimately hurts the community.
Answer: Montebella's HOA has not renewed membership in the association on behalf of its residents for several years. If you are a Montebella resident, we welcome you to join the association, but you will have to do so on an individual basis.
Answer: The car window stickers we now provide are uniquely numbered and are lasting very well. For this reason, we do not provide additional stickers each year unless requested. You may also request an additional sticker during your membership if you get a new vehicle.
Answer: The association is focused strictly on parks matters. We do not have the authority or capacity to enforce any particular policies in the neighborhood. If you receive any notices along these lines, it is most likely associated with your HOA if you are a Montebella resident.
Answer: Deed restrictions have been on record for decades with the county. Although there is no HOA and the association does not handle property matters, the deed restrictions are very straightforward and easy to abide. Setbacks specified within the deed restrictions should also be indicated on your survey. Consequences of violating the deed restrictions may come in one of two forms: 1.) difficulty selling your property when you put it on the market or 2.) a potential lawsuit brought by the affected residents. Your agent should have provided you a copy of the deed restrictions when you purchased your property.
Answer: You may click here to download the association's bylaws (MS-Word format)
Answer: We welcome our members to fish both upper and lower lakes. Fishing is catch and release for most species, but you may take any catfish you catch. For the safety of swimmers and children, we request that you not fish on the playground side of the lower lake, but you are welcome to fish from any other location. When fishing, please do not leave any hooks or broken lines behind. These become hazardous to wildlife and pets.
Answer: All dogs in the park should remain on-leash at all times. If you see a dog off-leash, do not confront the owner; call the sheriff. Regardless of how friendly / well-trained your dog might be, dogs can respond unpredictably and make other members fearful for the safety of themselves or their pet.
Answer: The park is owned by the association, with access rights extended to its members. If you are not an active member, entering the park is trespassing and may be prosecuted. If you enjoy the park, please make a small effort to support it.
Answer: The most reliable way to receive updates is to become a member, but we also use https://www.remind.com/join/dcrpla to send occassional text messages and smartphone notifications. You do not need to be a member to use this service.
Answer: Glad you asked! One of the easiest ways to help is to encourage your friends and neighbors to join the association. You may make a financial contribution (whether or not you are a member) below or donate something more tangible like playground equipment or park benches. Volunteer help with our many projects is always appreciated as well. If you have an idea to help, email dcrpoa@gmail.com or present it at our next meeting.

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We appreciate a donation of ANY amount, but if you would like to be recognized at a particular level please consider an individual donation as a Bronze ($50+), Silver ($100+), or Gold ($250+) level Friend of the Park. If you wish to donate as a business, please consider becoming a Bronze ($250+), Silver ($500+), Gold ($1,000+), or Platinum ($2,500+) level Friend. A membership is not required to donate and you can direct how you would like your donation spent. Please also share our donation link with others: https://www.paypal.me/deercreek

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